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Sep 11
09:30 - 17:30
Religion and the Global City
Leverhulme Trust-funded workshop

A research workshop, with funding from the Leverhulme Trust, and the Department for Religious Studies, SECL and SSPSSR, University of Kent.

Organizers: David Garbin and Anna Strhan

Each speaker will present for 15-20 minutes. The presentations will be followed by a response from the discussant (10 minutes), with a further 20-30 minutes for questions and discussion.

From 9.30: Tea and coffee available

10.00: Power, visibility, and the politics of space

1. Godless London? Cosmopolitans, Locals and Public Nonreligion in the Global City, Lois Lee, UCL

2. At home in the multicultural city: Islam and religious place-making in Stuttgart, Germany, Petra Kuppinger, Monmouth College

3. Piety and Development in Beirut: Hezbollah's Capital of Resistance as Global City, Fouad Marei, Free University of Berlin

Discussant: Paul-François Tremlett, Open University

11.30: Tea/coffee break

11.45: Centralities, peripheries, and religious reterritorialization

4. The everyday enchantment of suburbia: transnational religion, multiculturalism and suburban spaces in London and Vancouver, Claire Dwyer, University College London

5. Place and the (un-)making of religious peripheries: Wedding practices among Kenyan Pentecostals in London, Leslie Fesenmyer, COMPAS, University of Oxford

6. Religious territorialisation and the negotiation of urban margins in a fragmented city: Protestant churches in the Paris region, Yannick Fer and Gwendoline Malogne-Fer, CNRS, Paris

Discussant: Phil Hubbard, Kent

1.15: Lunch

2.15: Religious media, publics, and global cultural flows

7. Theorizing Mediatization and Religious Agency in the Global City, David Herbert, Kingston University London and University of Agder, Norway

8. Magic and Meditation in Global Cities: the case of New York, Paris and Tel Aviv, Lionel Obadia, University of Lyon II, France

9. Riding on the news wave: Religion and deregulated media in 'global' Bangalore, Sahana Udupa, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Gottingen

Discussant: Jeremy Carrette, Kent

3.45: Tea/coffee break

4.00: Global migration, everyday multiculturalism, and religious place-making

10. Religion as 'urban white noise' – material practices of everyday religion at the 'unquiet frontiers' of the global hyper-diverse city, Chris Baker, University of Chester

11. 'Mosque hopping' in the Global City: Piety and urban mobility among young Somali women in multicultural London, Giulia Liberatore, COMPAS/ISCA, University of Oxford

12. Religion, migration and the 'worlding' of urban daily life. Local and transnational Pentecostalism in Rio de Janeiro, Gerda Heck, Stephan Lanz, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

Discussant: John Eade, Roehampton

5.30: Close

The event is free, but spaces are limited. To book, please email the event organisers, Dr David Garbin ( and Dr Anna Strhan (


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