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Mr Christopher Cherry

Honorary Senior Research Fellow



Christopher Cherry's research interests include: moral philosophy, philosophy of history, philosophy and parapsychology, philosophy of self and consciousness, philosophy of criticism, philosophy of health care.

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Cherry, C. (2002). Making Sense of Management. Philosophy Today 15:10-11.
Cherry, C. and Laurie, N. (2001). Wanted: Philosophy of Management. Reason in Practice [Online] 1:3-12. Available at:
Cherry, C. (1997). Health care, human worth and the limits of the particular. Journal of Medical Ethics 23:310-314.
Cherry, C. (1996). What matters about memory. Philosophy 71:541-552.
Westphal, J. and Cherry, C. (1991). On Value And Value - a Reply to Smith,Quentin. Philosophy [Online] 66:525-526. Available at:
Book section
Cherry, C. (2003). Explicability, psychoanalysis and the paranormal. in: Totton, N. ed. Psychoanalysis and the Paranormal: Lands of Darkness. London: Karnac Books, pp. 73-103.
Cherry, C. (2003). Naer-død erfaringer: forbi medisin og religion. Parapsykologiske Notiser:59-61.
Total publications in KAR: 7 [See all in KAR]
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Philosophy, School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF

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