Graeme Forbes in The Philosophers' Magazine

11 August 2017

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Dr Graeme Forbes,  Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, has written a feature article for the latest issue of The Philosophers' Magazine, Issue 78, July-September 2017.

The Philosophers' Magazine is dedicated to publishing clear, thought-provoking work from professional philosophers.

Graeme's article is titled ' Are We In A Simulation?', and asks fellow philosophers Professor David Chalmers (Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at New York University), Professor Michaela McSweeney (Boston University of Arts and Science) and Dr Darren Bradley (University of Leeds) think about the possibility that we're stuck in an artificial cyberspace.

After evaluating the various arguments that this may or may not be the case, Graeme concludes: 'As a sceptical hypothesis, the idea that this is all a simulation is meant to be less radical than a denial of the external world. It says there is an external world, and we're basically right about its structure, but it leaves open questions about what realises the structure.'

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