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There is a dedicated team within Kent Union to support you in your volunteering, whatever form it may take. When you're writing your C.V. and attending interviews, you'll want to prove that you have a wide variety of skills, and volunteering is a great way to impress employers because it shows desirable qualities such as a strong work ethic, the ability to work in a team, and initiative.

At Kent there is plenty of choice when it comes to volunteering opportunities, all of which can be used towards Employability Points and Kent Student Certificate in Volunteering, and documented on MyFolio and the Employability and Volunteering toolkit.


KSCV is the Kent Student Certificate in Volunteering and has four levels of achievement, based on the number of volunteering hours you complete each year. You log the hours completed online as you go using the online Toolkit ( on the Kent Union website and you may opt to have your awards added to your higher education achievement record upon graduation.

The criteria for each level of the award is as follows:


Complete 25 hours of volunteering and rank your employable skills using the benchmark tool.


Complete 50 hours of volunteering, record 6 examples of employable skills and attend a one-on-one review with one of the Kent Union staff members.


Complete 100 hours of volunteering, re-rank your employable skills, complete a written reflection on your experience, and attend a training session.


Complete 200+ hours of volunteering and re-rank your employable skills.

If you wish you could also opt to complete the separate Platinum module:

This can act as a credit bearing module (15 credits) or as an extra-curricular module. You have to complete four units of the module in one academic year, as well as keep a portfolio of your experience and what you have learnt. This module is run by Dr Eddy Hogg. This award is separate from the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold+ awards but you may participate in both if you wish. The Platinum award may possibly be taken in place of one of your regular modules (please check with your Faculty office for confirmation).

For more information on KSCV Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold+, please visit:
For more information on the Platinum module, please visit:

Kent Raise and Give

If you are interested in fundraising, charity work, or just like helping out a good cause then this is something that may interest you. Kent Raise and Give is a branch of Kent Union dedicated to raising money for local, national and International charities whilst having a great time. Last year, Kent RaG raised an outstanding £90,000, breaking Kent Union history; this year we are aiming to raise at least £100,000.


Stand Out Training

Kent is committed to helping its students to “Stand out” from the crowd when it comes to finding employment, and one of the best ways to stand out is by undertaking extra training to help you in your future career.

Kent Union runs regular Stand Out training sessions on a variety of subjects which are free to attend and count towards a range of certificates and awards. Sessions are delivered by those in the know, often student led societies who have valuable advice gained from their practical experience.

For more information on any of the above, please visit:

School of European Culture & Languages, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 827159 or email the School of European Culture & Languages

Last Updated: 23/07/2018