Future Human PhD Scholarship - Decision Design Ecology: deciding whether or not to treat

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How to apply

New students wishing to be considered for these scholarships must apply for a PhD place at the University of Kent by 10th May 2022. Below is a list of programmes through which applications can be made:

Applicants should follow the University of Kent’s online application process. As part of the process, you should include the following:

  • Your reasons for study;
  • Proposed research topic: candidates should enter ‘Decision design ecology’;
  • Research proposal: candidates should use ‘Decision design ecology’ as the title and use this space as an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the key terms of the proposal and how they might go about investigating these;
  • Details of your qualifications;
  • Two academic references;
  • Other relevant personal information and supporting documentation.

Once you have completed your application, you must email kentgrc@kent.ac.uk to confirm you have applied. Please provide the KentVision application number you have been provided.

Selection process

All applications will be assessed by the supervisory team and successful candidates invited for an interview to be held in Canterbury in June 2022 (provisions will be made for remote interviews, if required by candidates or by COVID regulations).

Candidates invited for an interview will be asked to prepare a presentation in which they will respond to the project proposal, describe how it fits with their knowledge and experience, and identify three potential challenges they anticipate in carry out the research.