European jointly supervised PhDs (Cotutelle) Scholarship

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How to apply

Contact the relevant academic school to identify a supervisor and discuss your cotutelle plans with him/her. Once the academic school has confirmed it would be willing to admit and supervise you as a cotutelle candidate, you will need to take the following three steps:
1. Apply for and be offered a place on a full time PhD at the University of Kent (if you have not already done so)
2. Work with your academic school to complete the appropriate Jointly Supervised PhD Agreement and obtain approval of this from the relevant officers at the University of Kent and at the partner university. 
3. Your proposed supervisor should apply for the scholarship by sending a letter or email addressed to the Dean of the Graduate and Researcher College at:
This letter should be a maximum of 750 words:
Describing why your supervisor thinks you would be a good candidate to receive the scholarship
Outlining reasons for which the proposed research link will be beneficial to the institutions involved
The letter should also be accompanied by the following which can be taken from your PhD application to Kent:

  • CV
  • Academic references
  • Research proposal

Applications for the scholarship should be sent to:
Graduate and Researcher College
University of Kent
Kent, CT2 7NF