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Student Ambassador Stipend

40 awards of £1,000 per annum available to applicants from the University of Kent’s partner schools and colleges. 

You can apply for a Stipend Scholarship if you are

 - at a University of Kent partner school or college

·        -  at a school in the University of Kent Academies Trust

·         - at a school that is a member of the Kent and Medway Progression Federation

·         - on the University of Kent’s Access to Higher
Education Diploma programme

·          -on the University Entrance Diploma programme at the University of

Student Ambassador Stipends have been created for students who have an interest in becoming involved in outreach work during their undergraduate programme. The Student Ambassador Stipend offers successful applicants an award of £1,000 per annum alongside an exclusive programme of training and work experiences specifically designed to enhance their employability skills. 

In addition to their financial award, holders of Student Ambassador Stipends will receive regular training to develop the skills necessary to support and, eventually, deliver a range of activities in schools and colleges. They will gain valuable experience through a range of outreach work which will become increasingly varied and challenging as their skills progress. 

There are up to 40 stipend awards available. Selection will
be made on the basis of application, reference and interview.  

A reference will be requested from the last institution attended by the applicant. Upon receipt of an eligible application, references will be requested from the scholarship contact at the applicant’s last institution. The scholarship contact will be given the applicant’s name and will be informed of their application to the Student Ambassador Stipend, but no other information will be shared.Stipends will be awarded to
the applicants who best meet the selection criteria. Whilst we would hope to
offer awards to applicants from a number of eligible schools and colleges there
will not be a specific allocation for each institution.


When selecting students for a Student Ambassador Stipend, University of Kent staff will use the following criteria. Successful students must demonstrate that they:

  • Have an interest in studying programmes offered by the University of Kent (i.e. the stipend should not be the determining factor in choosing to study at the University of Kent).
  • Ideally have visited the University and/or engaged in preparatory activity offered by the University (to ensure that they have some broad awareness of what to expect as a student at Kent).
  • Have applied to the University through the UCAS school or college centre.
  • Are well motivated and engaged with learning.
  • Are reflective in their learning.
  • Have a good attendance record.
  • Have an interest in undertaking outreach work during their undergraduate studies.
  • Have an understanding of the purposes of widening participation activities.
  • Have, skills, qualities, experience and/or career aims that make them suitable for the stipend.
  • Be willing to travel around the county to undertake outreach activity and attend meetings

Desirable skills, qualities and experience

The selection panel will also be looking for evidence of:

  • Good communication skills, both spoken and written.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • The potential to enthuse and inspire learners of different ages and levels of ability in a range of settings.
  • A desire to reflect and learn from past experiences.
  • Some experience of helping others to learn, although this is not a requirement.

Applicants must also make a firm acceptance of an offer made to them by the University before 14 July in the year of entry.

How to apply

Before 1 June 
Apply for a Student Ambassador Stipend via your applicant portal.  

Applicants will be shortlisted using the selection criteria. Particular attention will be given to the supporting statement and teacher’s reference. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the University for interview.

During Welcome Week ( 16-20 September 2019)
Initial training takes place at the University.

Please note: Communication about your stipend application will be sent to your applicant portal via email from scholarships@kent.ac.uk so ensure that you check both your inbox and junk mail folder regularly. 

Students who have been notified that they will receive a Student Ambassador Stipend must register with the University of Kent within four weeks of the start of that academic year in order to receive the award. 

If you have applied for a deferred place, you should apply for a scholarship in the same application cycle. However, your stipend application will be considered in the year of entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the benefits of holding a Student Ambassador Stipend?
A Holders of Student Ambassador Stipends will receive £1,000 per annum for the duration of a full time undergraduate degree programme (3 or 4 years) studied at the University of Kent.
In addition they will receive regular training to develop the skills necessary to support and, eventually, deliver a range of activities in schools and colleges. They will gain valuable experience through a range of outreach work which will become increasingly varied and challenging as their skills progress.
The value of the financial support available will depend on the student's level of study, i.e. if a student is studying 50% of a full-time course they would be eligible for 50% of the stipend per annum for the duration of the degree programme.

Q How many hours do stipend holders work?
A Holders of the Student Ambassador Stipend are expected to undertake in the region of 200 hours of ambassador related activities over the three years of study. For further details, see the Student Ambassador Stipend Expectations Document.

Q What training is offered?
A Students who are awarded a Student Ambassador Stipend undertake initial training before or during their first term at university. They take part in additional training throughout their time as a student ambassador, specific to their ambassador roles. They will also be required to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate.

More information on the University’s DBS policy as it applies to student ambassadors.

Q What kind of work does it involve?
A The University’s student ambassadors take part in a wide range of outreach work in schools, colleges and the local community, the purpose of which is to raise aspirations and enable people to make informed decisions about higher education.
Holders of a Student Ambassador Stipend will begin this work from their first term at the University. During the first year their first year this may include aspiration raising sessions at their previous school or college. In year two they may also offer mentoring sessions to new undergraduates from partner institutions whilst undertaking a wider range of outreach activities. In their third year stipend holders may have the opportunity to contribute to either subject-based outreach, lead ambassador activities or academic mentoring designed to improve the attainment of school or college students.

More information on the work that student ambassadors do

Q Who can apply for a Student Ambassador Stipend?
A Applications are welcome from students who are currently studying at one of the University’s Partner Schools or Partner Colleges,  or UKAT schools, including members of the Kent and Medway Progression Federation. If you are currently studying on The University of Kent's Access to HE Diploma or the University Entrance Diploma then you are also eligible to apply.

Q How do I apply?
A You can make your application via your applicant portal. You should check your eligibility and the details of the stipend before you apply.

Q I have tried to apply but I have been told that I am not eligible. Can I appeal against this decision?
A The University will assess the eligibility of scholarship applicants on the basis of the published criteria. If we receive an application from a student who does not meet these criteria the application will be rejected.
Our decision should be considered as final; no correspondence will be entered into in relation to issues of eligibility. However, you are able to appeal if you believe that an incorrect assessment has been made of your eligibility against the published criteria. The appeal should be sent to scholarships@kent.ac.uk for consideration.

Q Can I apply if I study for a degree part-time?
A The value of the financial support available will depend on the student's level of study, i.e. if a student is studying 50% of a full-time course they would be eligible for 50% of the stipend per annum for the duration of the degree programme.

Q What if I'm on a four year degree?
A If your undergraduate degree is a four year programme you can still receive the stipend for the duration of your course. If this is the case then you will be expected to complete in the region of 250 hours of ambassador-related activity over four years. For further details, see the Student Ambassador Stipend Document.

Q What is the deadline for applying for an ambassador stipend?
A You must submit your stipend application by 1 June in the academic year in which you apply to the University of Kent.

Q How will the stipend be paid?
A Stipend funds are normally paid directly into the student's bank account in monthly instalments.

Q Will I have to use my stipend to pay for fees/other study-related expenses?
A No. You may use the stipend funds in any way you wish.

Q Will I have to repay the stipend?
A No; it is an award, not a loan.

Q What will happen to my stipend if I change to another course at Kent?
A A change of course at Kent will not affect your stipend as long as the course is an undergraduate programme at either the Canterbury or Medway campus. You should, however, notify the Scholarships Unit of any changes.

Q What will happen to my ambassador stipend if I leave the University?
A You will not receive any further payments once you have left the University but you will not be expected to repay any stipend funds that you have received whilst enrolled on an eligible programme at Kent.

Q What should I write in my supporting statement? Can I just use my UCAS personal statement?
A We will be looking for evidence that you meet the selection criteria so you should explain how you meet these criteria, giving evidence where appropriate. Whilst elements of your UCAS personal statement may be relevant it is unlikely to address the selection criteria for this award so you should not simply copy and paste it into your scholarship application. Instead, treat this like a job application by adapting your statement to the demands of this particular position.

Q How are the Student Ambassador Stipends allocated?
A The University will use information given on the stipend application form and the stipend reference in order to draw up a shortlist of candidates. Particular attention will be paid to the supporting statement where applicants should demonstrate their interest in undertaking outreach work.

  • Applicants will be shortlisted using the selection criteria (see Criteria above).
  • shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview in the summer before their entry to Kent.
  • Successful candidates will be notified and initial training will be offered prior to registration.
How do I find out who will provide a reference for me from my school/college?Your school/college has provided us with details of who we should contact for a reference.  If you would like to know who this is, you can email outreach@kent.ac.uk to request this information.  It could be that the member of staff delegates the writing of your reference to someone else in your school/college who knows you better.  You can speak to the scholarship contact in your school/college directly if you have any queries about this.  If we do not receive a reference from your school/college, your application for the Student Ambassador Stipend will be assessed on its own merits in line with the selection criteria.
For further information please contact the Scholarships Unit by email at scholarships@kent.ac.uk 

Undergraduate Scholarship Terms and conditions

Student Ambassador Stipend Expectations Document


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