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Kent Law School Taught Masters Overseas Scholarships

The scholarship covers tuition fees at the full overseas rate (£15,200 in 2018/19) along with living expenses (equivalent to £14,777 in 2018/19). 

For entry in September 2019 or January 2020

Kent Law School is pleased to announce the Kent Law School Taught Masters Overseas Scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition fees at the full overseas rate (£15,200 in 2018/19) along with living expenses (equivalent to £14,777 in 2018/19).  All overseas applicants to the Kent LLM programme at the Canterbury campus are eligible to apply.

Applications are assessed competitively with the sole criteria for the granting of the scholarship being the proven academic merit of the candidate. The decision as to the recipient of the Scholarship is at the exclusive discretion of Kent Law School.


    • The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence
    • Where candidates are rated equivalent in terms of academic excellence, their financial circumstances will (if possible) be taken into account in deciding on an award
    • Candidates must be fully self-funding their studies 
    • Applicants must have submitted a separate application for study on the Kent LLM at the Kent Law School in Canterbury in order to be considered for an Overseas Scholarship
    • An applicant should apply for the award of the scholarship as outlined below
    • Where an offer of a scholarship is made, it will be necessary for the applicant to meet all of the conditions specified in their offer of a place on the Kent LLM
    • A Scholarship may not be deferred
    • An applicant who is unsuccessful, or who is unable to take up the offer of a scholarship, may apply for funding in subsequent years
    • An offer of a scholarship must be firmly accepted by signing the University’s Terms and Conditions and returning these within one month of the date of the letter from the University’s Scholarship Unit enclosing the Terms and Conditions.  If not so accepted, the offer will automatically be withdrawn without further intimation to the applicant
    • The Scholarship holder will be considered a Kent LLM Scholar and will have the opportunity to join our LLM Ambassadors team.
    Correspondence and enquiries:Enquiries may be addressed to the Postgraduate Office by e-mail on klspgfunding@kent.ac.uk , or by telephone on 0044-(0)1227 823154 or 0044-(0)1227 824595

How to apply

An application should make a case for the award of the scholarship to the applicant. The case for the award of a scholarship should be between 1000 and 1500 words and should:

• Describe the applicant's academic achievements and performance in university studies to date
• Discuss the applicant's reasons for wishing to study for the Kent LLM
• Outline the applicant's financial circumstances, indicating in particular whether the scholarship will make a difference to their ability to study at the University of Kent.
All applicants are required to indicate how they intend to pay for living expenses and all other costs during their postgraduate studies

Applicants must also submit one piece of academic writing. This could be either a piece of coursework of no more than 2,000 words previously submitted for assessment at the applicant’s previous institution or it could be a 2,000 word essay written for this application on a topic of the applicant’s choosing.

Applicants are reminded to ensure that their academic referees have submitted full references in support of their LLM application for a place on the programme. A separate reference for the scholarship is not required.
Applicants may also submit a limited number of supporting documents, as they think appropriate. It is unnecessary to send a copy of documents which have already been submitted as part of the application process for a place on the programme.  Please note that any documents which arrive after the closing date may not be considered. 

Candidates must apply for a place to study on the Kent LLM at the University through the online process . 

Candidates must also complete a KLS PG Funding Application Form which should be emailed to klspgfunding@kent.ac.uk along with the letter making a case for the award and the writing sample. 


The closing date for 2019/20 has now passed.  Details for 2020/21 will be published when available

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