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Wireless Communications for mmWave Body Worn Systems

Funding is available at the current home fee rate of £4,327.00. There will also be combined maintenance funding of £15,009.00. A travel and consumables budget is also available.

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student with a firm commitment to research within a multidisciplinary environment. We need an inquisitive problem solver who is able to work autonomously and also function well in a research team.
The Student will be based in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts and will work under the supervision of Prof John Batchelor and Prof Nathan Gomes alongside a funded EPSRC project: https://gow.epsrc.ukri.org/NGBOViewGrant.aspx?GrantRef=EP/S020160/1

The University of Kent is well known internationally for its work on low power based sensing devices and wireless communications. The successful applicant will be expected to realize mmWave transducers and create multiplexed channels to send bio-signals from skin-mounted sensors. One realisation may involve the transducers communicating across the skin to a hub, which multiplexes and transmits the signals off-body. The target application will be to demonstrate simultaneous 64 channel transmission of brainwave (EEG) signals from individual wireless electrodes to an off-body reader. This project will be carried out in collaboration with a research team that is developing the on-skin tags with antenna designers, battery experts, bio-measurement specialists and manufacturing researchers. To achieve this, the successful applicant will require an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

The applicant will work within the Communications Research Group at the University of Kent which conducts research into a variety of wireless technologies in well-equipped labs situated within the School of Engineering and Digital Arts. We also have a workshop to produce hardware for experimentation and prototyping.
The main roles of the PhD student will include: (i) Design and testing of mmWave transducers using testbed development hardware (ii) demonstration of simultaneous multiple channel transmission in the 24GHz ISM band (iv) multiplexing of channels in an on-skin tag, (v) continually reviewing the literature, and striving to produce results leading to high quality research papers, (vi) giving presentations to research groups and at conferences, writing technical reports and drafting papers for peer reviewed journals.


The ideal candidate will ideally have a Masters degree in Electronic Communications or a related Engineering subject, though applicants with other Physical Science degrees will be considered. Open to UK/EU and Overseas applicants.

How to apply

Apply for a PhD online at https://evision.kent.ac.uk/urd/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login?process=siw_ipp_app&code1=RECE000101PH-FD&code2=0073 and specify the research topic “Communications for mmWave on-skin technologies”.



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