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International travel

The SafeZone service can now be offered to people working or studying abroad in high-risk areas.

Please fill out the 'SafeZone Overseas Travel Request Form' and email it to when arranging your travel plans.

You will receive a response from the Head of Security confirming that a zone(s) has been set up for your trip and detailing the response you can expect in the event of a SafeZone activation.

'Check In Timer'

If you are working alone outside normal hours or in a hazardous environment, you can now set a limit on the length of time that you're checked-in. Should you fail to check-out within the time that you've set, SafeZone will raise an alert with Campus Security.

Near the end of that time you will receive a warning and you can choose to either re-set the timer, cancel or 'Check Out'.

If an alert is raised, Campus Security will follow the emergency proceedure for the region that you're in. Find out more about how to use SafeZone at


Connected Routes

Canterbury Connected Routes is a joint project between the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University in collaboration with various partners, agencies, stakeholders and commercial organisations.

Coming soon

Single sign-on

This term will see the integration of SafeZone with the University's main authentication systems meaning Kent users can log-on securely with their existing University account information and password.

Bus tracking

By tracking the buses on routes that serve our campuses and letting you see where they are, we're hoping to put an end to waiting at lonely bus stops. Working with our Campus Shuttle and local public transport partners, SafeZone can monitor their progress in real-time allowing us to display that to you via the web and campus digital screens.


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Last Updated: 17/10/2021