Pregnancy and New Mothers

New born baby

Assessing the Risks and Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Baby

Some hazards in the workplace may affect the health and safety of new and expectant mothers and their children.

The University is required by law to take particular account of any risks to new and expectant mothers in the work place.

When you tell Human Resources that you are pregnant, you will be given an Expectant Mothers Risk assessment form. This should be completed through discussion between you and your supervisor/manager.

Informing your Employer

Under the Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations (Amended 1999), you have a duty to inform your employer in writing that you are pregnant.


The purpose of the assessment is two fold, firstly so that we as an organisation, can ensure that our employees are not exposed to risks which could affect their health and safety or that of their child and secondly, so that we can meet our legal obligations.



A room has been setup in Rutherford College for expectant staff to take a rest and for staff returning from maternity leave to use to express milk.

The room is E3.W8 and the access card is to be borrowed from Rutherford reception and returned after each use.

The room contains an adjustable patient couch/bed, an easy chair, a fridge, a privacy screen and a sink.


New mothers

On return to work after the birth of your baby, a further New Mothers Risk Assessment needs to be carried out. This can be obtained from Human Resources.

Occupational Health has a portable mini fridge that it can be loaned to new mothers who wish to store expressed breast milk, whilst at work.  Please contact Occupational Health on 01227 824691.