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Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 as amended by the Health & Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002 all employers have to provide a means of workstation assessment. All employees identified as "Users" are required to comply with this system.

The University uses an online DSE Training and Assessment package called Awaken:

Please click on the button below to complete your training.

This button is for you to access your initial DSE Training and assessment as a new starter
Please select this training module ONLY, if you are having DSE Issues and wish to assign a DSE Risk Assessment module to yourself. You will receive a generic email informing you that this training has been asssigned to you PLEASE IGNORE

New starters will be picked up automatically via the system administered by Occupational Health (OH).  Other than staff in Estates, Kent Hospitality and Student Ambassadors, OH will presume that all new starters are DSE Users unless advised otherwise.  OH will consult with Estates and Kent Hospitality separately to ensure that training is allocated appropriately.

This is the Awaken self-assessment process:

    1. The DSE User is sent an email, generated by the Awaken system, with a brief explanation of the system and what is expected of him/her.  The email contains a link, which will direct you to the button above, the button will direct you to a login page where you will be required to enter your University login and password to access the system. 
    2. On entering the system, Users will see the training and assessment modules that have been allocated to them.  All elements of the package must be completed for the system to close off the individual’s record.
    3. The University of Kent, as an employer, is providing such a system to provide safety training and assessment for Users.  Under Health and Safety legislation, individuals have a duty to comply with such systems put in place under their duty to work in a safe manner.
    4. Following completion of the assessment, if problems have been flagged up, the system advises the individual whom to approach to assist with rectification.  This could be Estates Department, Information Services, Occupational Health, the manager, or the local DSE Assessor, (see below)
    5. OH can assist managers and DSE Assessors within Schools and Departments with information on the take up and compliance of training and assessment of the DSE Users within their remit.  This information is obtained via reports from the Awaken system.  Schools and Departments should set up local systems to monitor compliance among staff.

The Role of the School/Department DSE Assessor:

    1. Schools and Departments should ensure that they have enough local DSE Assessors trained up to meet the needs of their staff.  DSE Assessors are given an extra level of training in the legal, health and ergonomic aspects of DSE work to enable them to do this.  The duty to ensure that this need is met falls to the Head of School or Department but this can be devolved down, for example, to School Administration Managers.  It is important that the responsibility for this is clear within the School or Department and that OH have knowledge of this.  The OH Technician will contact the individual with responsibility when it is noted that there are not sufficient numbers of DSE Assessors trained up in an area.  This could present problems with the management of DSE training and assessment through the Awaken system.
    2. As a general rule, a sufficient number of DSE assessors would be 1 Assessor for every 25-40 ‘Users’.  The role of the Assessor has changed considerably with the Awaken system.  They used to be responsible for undertaking training and assessment of all Users within their remit and that included new starters.  This is now completed by the individual User in Awaken; the local DSE Assessor is a resource for advice and to help Users address problems and issues, which less time consuming.
    3. Individuals who are to undertake the role of a DSE Assessor need to attend a DSE Assessor Training Course.  This gives the individuals more information on the subject area, including information on ergonomics, workstation requirements and ancillary equipment.  Places on courses can be arranged via Pat Armstrong in the SHE Unit.

OH Workstation Assessments

If you have completed your Awaken self assessment and sought advice from your local DSE Assessor but are still experiencing problems working at your desk contact OH to discuss. An assessment by a member of the OH team may be needed.