Exercise Referral available from Occupational Health

The University’s Occupational Health Advisers have been accepted onto the NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent Exercise Referral Scheme. This means that we can refer staff with health issues who would benefit from exercise directly to local Sports Centres for a three-month programme. This is at a reduced rate and you do not need to become a member of the Sports Centre.

Research has demonstrated that regular exercise improves health and wellbeing. If you have a condition that fits the criteria below and you are not used to any structured physical activity, you may be eligible.

•           Alcohol or drug rehabilitation
•           cancer
•           cardiovascular disease
•           diabetes
•           family history of heart disease
•           heart failure
•           high cholesterol
•           high blood pressure
•           joint/mobility/musculoskeletal problems
•           mental health and wellbeing.
•           obesity
•           overweight
•           smoker

If you think that you think that you would like to take advantage of this scheme, please contact Occupational Health, ext 4691 to make an appointment with one of the Advisers.