Management Referral

Management Referrals to Occupational Health can be undertaken to provide advice to managers and individuals on work related health problems or where health problems affect an individual's ability to attend or perform at work.

As per the University's Managing Sickness Absence Procedure, (13.2):

"Referrals to Occupational Health are advisable in the following situations:

  • Where staff member has been absent or is expected to be absent for a period of four weeks or more
  • Where staff member is deemed to be suffering from a work related condition
  • Where a grievance or disciplinary issue exists
  • Where frequent absence is believed to be related to a medical condition or disability
  • Prior to any surgery, or 2-4 weeks after surgery"

Below are 2 seperate documents for advice on Management Referrals and the online Management Referral form:

Summary Guidance.

Full and Comprehensive Guidance on Management Referrals to OH.

Online Management Referral form.