Generally all travellers visiting Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia do not need additional vaccinations as long as they are up to date with routine vaccinations courses and boosters as recommended in the UK. These vaccinations include for example measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations, and diphtheria tetanus and polio vaccinations.

If you are travelling to an area where you may require vaccination, or you are not sure whether vaccinations may be necessary, then you should visit a travel health professional either in a travel clinic or your G.P. surgery, if your G.P. practice provides a travel health service.

Ideally, you should contact your travel clinic at least 8 weeks before the date of your intended travel, as some vaccines cannot be given together, or may require a course of injections over a period of weeks before they are complete.

Ensure that you have checked whether a Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for your destination. You will require certificated evidence of this to enter those countries stipulated. This will need to be dated at least 10 working days prior to your arrival in that country.

Any charges incurred for your vaccinations or anti-malarial chemoprophylaxis can usually be claimed back with your other trip expenses from your school/department.