Care first’s Professional Promise

It can take some courage to pick up the phone and contact Care first to ask for some support with personal or workplace issues. We at Care first know that and treat whatever you have to say to us with the greatest respect. Sometimes people hesitate and wonder is our discussion confidential?

Care first guarantees confidentiality when you call 0808 168 2143. The only exceptions to this are high-risk areas when it would be irresponsible of us ethically not to take action with what we are hearing. These areas are namely: The threat to the life of another person, when there are child protection or vulnerable adult issues at stake or when a caller’s actions pose a threat to the security of your organisation. In all such cases the counsellor will discuss with the caller how best s/he needs to act responsibly. Any ethical counselling organisation needs to be alert to these risk areas and Care first leads the way in working with callers to help find solutions when these issues are broached.

Your organisation does not know who uses our service unless the individual personally chooses to tell someone about his or her contact with Care first. We do provide statistics to your organisation to show how many employees use the service and the broad types of issues that employees raise with us, for example; ‘relationship breakdown at home’ or ‘bullying and harassment in the workplace’, so no information is ever passed on which could potentially identify you.

We hope this reinforcement of Care first’s professional practice will encourage anyone hesitating to trust us with whatever area of your life you may need some support with.

Solutions begin with that first call… 0808 168 2143.