Snow, Ice and Associated Low Temperatures Policy

(This Policy statement should be read in conjunction with the Estates Department procedures for managing snow and ice at Canterbury and Medway)

It is the aim of the University of Kent to provide a complete and uninterrupted educational service to all of its students throughout the year.  In addition, the University operates a residential accommodation business which must be maintained.  To this end it will be the aim of the University to continue to provide these services in all weather conditions, including periods when there may be extreme ice and snow either at the Canterbury Campus, the Medway Campus, or both.

Safety of staff and students must be the priority of all services.

In the event of snow and or freezing conditions:-

  • The University will not normally close
  • All staff should attempt to get to work, if it is possible and safe to do so.
  • Staff who are unable to get to work must communicate the reasons for this to their line manager.

In the rare event of there being snow or freezing conditions for a prolonged period, the University’s Business Continuity Plan will take effect.  This will only be as a result of a loss of essential services (electricity, water, food or heating) or a complete lack of safe travel opportunities.

October 2009