Animals on Campus

1. Introduction

Following a serious incident in the Autumn Term of 2010, it was agreed that the existing policy relating to animals on campus should be reviewed.

The policy document was withdrawn from the Safety Health and Environment Unit website, pending the outcome of the review.  Following that review, it was been agreed at Executive Group level that the original policy would be withdrawn permanently and replaced by this document.

Reference to ‘animals’ can be assumed to be a reference to any vertebrate, in particular, commonly relating to dogs, cats and birds.

2. Responsibilities

The University campuses are not physically secured, although many buildings across the faculties and colleges are only accessible by staff and/or students.  This access places particular responsibilities upon those staff or students who are in a position to control access. 

3. Policy

It is the University’s policy that, subject to the limited exceptions given below, live animals are not allowed into workplaces, colleges or residential accommodation. Specifically, this is a requirement of all residential tenancy agreements and must likewise apply to all other areas.

Animals should not be brought to any campus and tied up outside buildings, or left unattended in vehicles.

Animals should not be brought on to any playing field.

4. Limited Exceptions

Registered assistance dogs [ ] are allowed into University buildings under the control of their owner. In addition, there will be limited, controlled and pre-notified access for dogs belonging to charities, such as Pets as Therapy, during examination periods.

In all circumstances visitors should be discouraged from bringing dogs on to Campus.  However, on open days when visitors come to Campus, it is understood that bringing a dog to Campus may be unavoidable.  On the rare occasions this may happen, it may be necessary for those dogs to be exercised for short periods on University property.  In such circumstances the owners must ensure at all times that dogs are kept on leads and are not allowed into any buildings or on to playing fields.  The owners will be responsible for collecting any waste deposited and disposing of it responsibly.

If and when it may be necessary to use animals for any form of research this will only be allowed following clearance by the University’s Ethics Committee and the Safety, Health and Environment Unit.  No animals of any sort may be brought on to University premises for research purposes without such written authority.  If it is proposed to bring animals on to University premises for reasons other than research, then written permission must still be sought from the Safety, Health and Environment Unit.

5. Procedure

In the event of an animal being discovered in any University building, the Estates Department (Campus Watch in the first instance) and the Safety, Health and Environment Unit must be informed immediately.  In the case of a stray dog, fox or badger no attempt should be made to try and handle or harness the animal, while awaiting the arrival of assistance.


Assistance animals policy in pdf