University Environment Policy

This policy was signed by the Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Council of the University of Kent in March 2014.

The University acknowledges that its day-to-day business practices have some environmental impact and is committed to managing these.  In an effort to enhance its environmental performance, the University pledges to implement and operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001 standards.

The goal of the University Environment Policy is to be a responsible corporate citizen that leads by example with regard to protecting the environment.  The University is committed to following good environmental practice, meeting or exceeding applicable legal and other requirements and striving for continual improvement.  It will manage its processes, materials and its people in order to reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with its work and contribute to positive environmental improvements.  The University seeks absolute reductions in environmental impacts as well as relative improvements.

The University Environment Policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.  It is documented, regularly reviewed, maintained and communicated to all staff and students.

The main objectives and commitments are to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the University’s Carbon Management Plan
  • Improve energy efficiency to reduce energy requirements in accordance with the University’s Carbon Management Plan
  • Reduce relative water consumption
  • Prevent pollution
  • Manage waste, by minimising, storing, recycling and disposing of waste and packaging in a responsible manner
  • Reduce the impact of the University’s transport and choose alternative transport options where feasible
  • Manage the use, storage and disposal of materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Manage green spaces to promote biodiversity
  • Promote sustainable procurement both internally and through the University’s supply chains
  • Work with staff, students and other contacts to understand their own environmental impacts and assist them to make improvements where possible.

This policy applies to all staff, students, premises and activities under the control of the University.  The Safety, Health and Environment Executive Committee gives delegated authority to the Safety, Health and Environment Unit to determine Policy for further consideration by the Committee.

The Safety, Health & Environment Unit will specify and manage core administrative elements of the Environmental Management System, including training and internal auditing, and advise on environmental compliance and best practice.  The Estates Department will be responsible for the management and operational control of major aspects of the Environmental Management System.

This policy and the University’s achievements will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of its Environmental Management System.

Download environment policy (pdf)