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Teeth and Life History - Public Lecture

18th July 2018

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Why do humans take so long to grow up?
Why do we age and die?
Why are human babies born helpless?

These and the answers to many other questions will be answered by world-leading evolutionary biologist, Professor B. Holly Smith.

The Skeletal Biology Research Centre (SBRC) are delighted to present Professor Smith as special guest speaker for the inaugural SBRC annual lecture.

Thursday 13th September 2018, 18.30
Keynes Lecture Theatre 1, Keynes College, University of Kent Canterbury campus

When we study living animals, we have access to information about their life history such as reproduction, mortality, and life span. When we study fossils we are usually restricted to examining hard tissues. Fortunately teeth are readily preserved as fossils and retain information about life history.

This lecture will show how teeth are a linchpin between the past and present that can be used to reconstruct the evolution of life histories of mammals broadly or humans particularly.

Holly Smith is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology, The George Washington University USA, and also an Associate Research Scientist in the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology The University of Michigan, USA.

Admittance is free and the lecture is open to all.


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