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Using Researchfish for Research Outcome Data Collection

The terms and conditions of Research Council awards  require information on the outcomes, outputs and impact of research to be returned to the Research Councils, during and after the end of projects.  All councils have now adopted the Researchfish system for outcomes collection.


*** Researchfish have recently updated the PI interface, see here for further details ***


The University of Kent 's compliance rate for researchers in the 2016 gathering period was 100% compared with a national average response of 98%. The compliance rate for studentships was 81.80% compared to a national response of 80%.

  University of Kent Researcher Award Data All RO Researcher Award Data
  # of Awards Expected to Submit # of Awards Submitted % of Awards Submitted % of Awards Submitted
AHRC 28 28 100% 98%
BBSRC 41 41 100% 99%
ESRC 30 30 100% 97%
EPSRC 39 39 100% 99%
MRC 8 8 100% 98%
NERC 5 5 100% 99%
STFC 11 11 100% 97%
All Councils 162 162 100% 98%
  University of Kent Studentships Data All RO Studentships Data
  # of Studentships Expected to Submit # of Studentships Submitted % of Studentships Submitted % of Studentships Submitted
AHRC 24 22 91.70% 86%
BBSRC 26 18 69.20% 76%
ESRC 55 46 83.60% 82%
EPSRC 44 37 84.10% 80%
MRC 2 1 50.00% 75%
NERC 3 2 66.70% 83%
STFC 5 4 80.00% 78%
All Councils 159 130 81.80% 80%



A report analysing the University of Kent’s submission to the data gathering period is available here Outcomes Analysis Studentships Outcoems Analysis    Data collected in 2016 will be published via the RCUK Gateway to Research . and used to inform decisions on strategic funding, to provide evidence to government on the impact of research in the UK and to help inform the public about publicly funded research.


Amendments to Award Information in Researchfish

Details of existing awards on Researchfish are refreshed annually with data taken from Je-S. Details of new grants are also taken from this source.

Student award details are those submitted by the University through Je-S Student Details. Changes to award information (eg email, title, abstract, etc) should be made in Je-S Student Details to be fed into Researchfish in due course. A similar request to update information in Student Detals may be received, e for the RCUK Student Submission Survey; completing any updates bwill satisfy the requirements of both that survey and the Researchfish updates.

Upload of Publication Data

As part of the terms and conditions of receiving funding from Research Councils, publications must acknowledge their Research Council support, including the award reference number.

RCUK are discussing how to improve the transfer of data from CRIS systems (such as our own Krimson system), the use of ORCID profiles to exchange data, how to examine ways to improve funding attribution on manuscript submission and how to improve funding attribution in RC supported PhD theses.

ORCID Integration

For the past several years, researchers have been able to add ORCID iDs into Researchfish. Following a recent integration, researchers will soon be able to permit the flow of publication information between Researchfish and their ORCID profile.

Sanctions for noncompliance with Researchfish

As our submission rate was 100% so Kent will not have any sanctions appllied for non-compliance. The policy is detailed here. It is understood that sanctions may be applied in the next return for studentships - at the moment overall institutional compliance may be considered in making future doctoral training awards.


The University of Kent administrative contact for the research outcomes reporting through Researchfish  is Sue Prout ( who will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the project, and/or direct you to the sources of further information

The following links provide information on the Outcomes Collection Process:

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