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Kevin Smith and Julien Soosaipillai

Kent School of Architecture and Planning

Technical support award

Kevin Smith and Julien Soosaipillai have provided complementary but discrete support for the Kent School of Architecture and Planning, and have contributed significantly to its success.

Kevin is the KSAP workshop manager. Having spent years in commercial practice as a modelmaker and project manager on many installations for various clients (including Richard Rogers, Foster Associates, BAE systems, Eurotunnel etc), he joined KSAP at its inception in 2005 and has been instrumental in setting up the Architecture Workshop.

He is responsible for co-ordinating technical support and physical resources, as well as supervising and advising students on their model-making, providing critical input to every single student.

Kevin built the KSAP proposed models for the Marlowe extension, Tensegritree and the Crater theatre. More recently, he has been involved with the EPSRC-funded project “Urban Albedo Calculator” where his advice has been critical in building the 1:10 physical model of Stanley Terrace in Islington.

Julien also worked on the Albedo Calculator, as well as the EPSRC Communities and Culture Network. More broadly, he has provided invaluable support to the School as the impact of digital technology on architecture and design has grown has evolved. He has provided support and expertise to academics across the University and outside, including Canterbury Cathedral and The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge.

Examples of the projects that Julien has supported included a multi-parameter speech workstation for Rose Medical Solutions; the Cross-Stone Project, a memorial to the Armenian genocide; Magical Medieval Bestiaries, for which he prototyped 3D printing; and Realising Frederick Kiesler’s Endless House, one of the most visionary projects in the history of C20th architecture. In addition, he worked with Kevin on the EPSRC project.

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