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Suhraiya Jivraj is a Senior Lecturer in the Kent Law School. Suhraiya has led a project entitled ‘BAME students as change actors and co-producers of knowledge: towards an inclusive curriculum’.

Prior to her arrival at Kent Suhraiya had significant expertise in this area, having worked for anti-discrimination and equalities NGOs including minority community based women’s organisations. Such experience enabled her to understand the importance of this kind of stakeholder pedagogy.

Suhraiya is passionate about demonstrating her active support for BAME students as well as influencing learning and teaching excellence across the University to address the full diversity of student learning needs. Suhraiya’s project, funded by two TESSA grants has empowered BAME students to develop academic capital, engaging them with an asset-based approach to become co-producers of knowledge and stronger stakeholders in their own education. The project achieved this by giving the students opportunities to run focus groups, to voice and share with other students their experiences around race, racialisation and (un)belonging on campus, in the classroom and through the curriculum in safe ‘café’ style spaces.

Students also had the opportunity to discuss and disseminate their collective findings through a packed conference where they launched their Decolonising the Curriculum Manifesto, supported by leading academics in the field including Dr Karen Salt, Dr Deborah Gabriel, Dr Jason Arday and Dr Francesca Sobande. The project student’s will also be co-authoring a Palgrave Macmillan E-Pivot book (forthcoming, 2019/20) expanding on their research with Suhraiya and Dave Thomas (Student Success Project Manager in the School of Sports) who played a key role in facilitating the project, along with Sheree Palmer (KLS Student Success Project Officer).

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