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Faculty of Humanities teaching award

Since February 2016, Wissia has been recruiting and training students from Italian universities who were willing to spend their Erasmus+ time pursuing a language teaching traineeship at the University of Kent. The positive experience with the Erasmus+ in Italian prompted Wissia, in collaboration with the Internationalisation team, to expand the training to include other languages (French, German, Spanish). In the last three years, Wissia has trained 18 students.

In language classes, the trainees are asked to provide feedback on students’ homework and in-class work so that the main teacher can focus on diversifying teaching methodologies to include a much more varied set of tasks and, thus, improve inclusivity. One comment that recurred more often than others in midterm evaluation forms, was that students felt their knowledge of vocabulary and idioms was growing very fast and effortlessly, due to having two native speakers in the classroom. Not only has Wissia expanded the provision for Erasmus+ students but she has also introduced peer learning in language teaching.

Students have commented very positively on having somebody close in age in the class, which allows them to ask questions with more ease and more frequently. Colleagues in Modern Languages have lauded the initiative, stressing its positive impact on students’ listening and speaking skills, general motivation, and inclusivity.

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