Research Methods for the study of religion

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Researching the Contemporary Moral Landscape:
An Online Training Resource

Further resources

RSA Social Brain Centre

  • The Social Brain Centre examines the significance of new scientific understandings of human ontology for policy-making and the promotion of well-being. It undertakes a range of work, from producing reports to consultancy projects, which include an on-going project on the value of ‘spirituality’ (broadly conceived) for contemporary public life.

AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme

  • This £12m programme of research funded 75 individual projects, and is the largest programme in this area ever to have been conducted in the UK. In addition to producing a wide range of research findings relevant to tracing the contemporary moral landscape, the programme has also led to a series of Westminster Faith debates which explore moral meanings that frame contemporary life.

British Social Attitudes survey

  • Conducted annually since 1983, this survey is a well-established resource for measuring public beliefs and values. For those less used to using statistical data software an easier way of viewing this data, and making simple cross-tabulations from it, is available here.

European Values Study and World Values Survey

  • The European Values Study is a longitudinal survey that has been carried four times since 1981. The latest round of data collection for the study took place in 2008, and involved survey responses from around 70,000 people in 48 countries. The World Values Survey is a longitudinal survey for which six waves of data collection have been conducted since 1990.

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