An Introduction to Quantitative Social Research

The Q-Step Summer School is a two-week residential course which runs every year, providing an introduction to quantitative methods for the social sciences. It is open to first year students in SSPSSR, KLS and POLIR and is a pre-requisite for any student wishing to transfer to a “with Quantitative Research” minor degree, such as BA (Hons) Sociology with Quantitative Research and LLB ( Hons) Law with Quantitative Research.

Employers in many sectors seek graduates with quantitative skills; this course offers a unique opportunity to boost your employability. The course is a 5-credit module, and it will appear on your transcripts making you very competitive on the job market.

This is a fun and challenging course. You will be working intensively alongside other students from a range of disciplines to complete a real piece of social scientific research. Topics covered in the past include race, ethnicity, and discrimination, and gender and equality. After eight days of intense learning and group study, you will present your findings based on ‘big data’ to an audience of fellow students as well as academic staff.


  • The course will run for two weeks from Monday 17 June to Friday 28 June 2019.

  • Online bookings are now open. Please visit the online store for more information.

  • Any questions, please email Dr Trude Sundberg (T.Sundberg@kent.ac.uk).


    When I applied I was unsure of what to expect but was curious, despite being unsure of what to expect I enjoyed it. The summer school was a 2 week intensive course surrounding Quantitative Research and for someone who basically despised maths at school I was keen to learn and understand that numbers don’t always have to be nerve-racking. The school showed us how to use data to our advantage and how to present and explain it without complicating and using too much. For someone who has never been the biggest fan of numbers, I found the summer school both interesting and incredibly helpful. An incredibly valuable experience and would recommend.

    ~ Amy Gore, 2nd year, BA Politics with International Relations

    Quantitative Research is a subject which I had no experience of beforehand, but the University's lecturers made the subject interesting and helped me to understand it much better. I would certainly recommend the course to a friend who was interested.

    ~ Benjamin Davey, University of Kent Summer School Programme external student

    The Q-step summer programme has helped me understand why the use of quantitative data is nowadays so relevant and important. Having expert guest speakers explain the advantages of being able to analyze data, made me want to switch my degree to 'Politics and International Relations with Quantitative Research'. I believe taking the Q-Step summer programme was, not only a fun way to familiarize myself with the use of data analysis, but also an investment for my future.

    ~ Marta Sganga, BA Politics with International Relations


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