pubTALK EU Referendum Special

25 May 2016

This June, for the first time since 1975, the people of Britain will get a say about their relationship with Europe. With both sides making compelling arguments, we think it's vital to get a broad and accurate picture of the pros and cons of EU membership, and the changes we can expect should Britain vote to Leave on the 23rd June.
This pubTALK special provides just that. The format will be a panel discussion, featuring representatives from both the Remain and Leave campaigns, as well as academic and student speakers. We hope to get a range of opinions and perspectives on the key issues the referendum is being fought around.
There will be plenty of opportunity to get involved in the discussion, through social media (both leading up to the event and live on the night) and a good old-fashioned live Q&A with the speakers. As always, both attendees and speakers are encouraged to stick around for a few drinks afterwards, to continue the discussion informally.
The pubTALK will be held on Tuesday 7th June, 7pm to 9pm at The Parrot, Canterbury. The event is free to attend but, as space is limited, please do let us know if you are coming via the contact details below or on our Facebook event page.
All welcome.
Leave Campaign: Toby Jessel (Former Conservative MP for Twickenham; 1970-1997)
Remain Campaign: Michelle Freeman (Canterbury District Green Party’s Press Officer)
Academic Representative: Dr Heejung Chung (Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Social Policy)
Student Representative: Daniel Belling (PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics & Graduate Teaching Assistant)
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Keli Jenner/ Joe Warriner
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