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Experimental support

This is a library of PsychoPy scripts which you may find useful as a starting point for your own experiments. Please note the version which the script is required for.

You can also find some useful PsychoPy tips here which will be added to over time. We also have our workshop slides available and updated yearly on GitHub.

There are also a number of very useful tutorial videos that covers Python (as well as general computing subjects) at

If you have had help with an experiment which you would be happy for us to share on here, please contact the Technical Support team.

Experiment tools

Tool Description Requirement Download
NEW CSV merger tool Takes an input folder of CSV files and merges them together. Acts as a tool that can work alongside PsychoPy experiments to merge data files together (which is usually done via EMerge with EPrime). PsychoPy install or Python 2.7 with Pandas library Download

PsychoPy scripts

Experiment Description Version Download
NEW Kent PsychoPy Toolkit A new toolkit which will be gradually added to over time. Initially contains a parallel trigger function library for using in code, as well as Eyelink 1000 integration libraries. 1.85.03 or above Download
Cedrus Kit Some test scripts for integration of Cedrus boxes within PsychoPy, plus fix to builder issue. See included readme. 1.85.03 or above Download
Mouse click object detection A sample script which will record which of two image objects were clicked in a trial and store in the data file. 1.83.04 or above Download
Eyelink integration sample A sample script which will allow hook up to the Eyelink eye trackers and start recording EDF data. 1.82.1 or above Download
Tobii T60XL stroop example Two example stroop demos in PsychoPy which either just track gaze on the screen or record data to a CSV file (like EPrime can do). Fixed error with calibration screen. 1.82.1 or above Download
Basic PsychoPy experiment template A shell PsychoPy file with introduction, instructions, practice and main trial areas to get you started. Download, extract and rename the experiment file to something more meaningful first. 1.82.1 or above Download
EPrime SR Box response A short demonstration script which allows integration of a EPrime based SR Box in PsychoPy (which is not supported out of the box). The script includes code blocks which enable you to record a response from the SR box. This example demonstrates voice response in particular, but can be modified to the other keys. If anything is unclear, please contact Frank or John for a run through on how to use. At a later stage, this will be made available as an easier to use module. 1.81.2 or above Download
Automated response (Stroop demo) A demonstration experiment, showing how you can automate your responses for testing purposes, so that you do not have to sit through long sessions of testing. All code should be documented where relevant, though please speak to John or Frank if you have any questions. 1.81.2 or above Download
Basic Stroop task A typical stroop task example, with instructional screens. Simple single CSV file of data. 1.79.01 or above Download
User break Demonstration code of how to create a break after X amount of trials within your PsychoPy Experiment. 1.82.01 or above Download

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