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Eyetracking lab

In addition to EEG/ERP equipment the School also has numerous state-of-the-art eye-tracking facilities. Our two Tobii Technology eye-trackers (X120 and T60XL) are typically used for visual display analyses, particularly with developmental and clinical populations. We also have three high-speed SR Research EyeLink eyetrackers (EyeLink1000 and EyeLink2) for experiments requiring high-precision tracking, for example during reading, spatial attention and concurrent language processing.

Members of academic and research staff, as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students join together in using these facilities to gain an understanding of how the human mind uses the visual modality to make sense of the world.

Eye tracker


All students involved in eyetracking studies will receive special training, although the instruments are quite straightforward to handle.

For more detailed information regarding training, lab booking etc. please contact your research supervisor.

Academic eye-tracking users

Dr Kirsten Abbot-Smith
Dr Markus Bindemann
Dr Heather Ferguson
Dr Erika Nurmsoo
Dr Dinkar Sharma
Professor David Wilkinson

  Tobii tracker





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