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CCNCS Seminar Programme

CCNCS organises a large number of talks every semester. Below you can view the current series and browse seminars from previous years.

Current Series

22 Jan 2014 The dynamics of control and interaction with concurrent load and emotionProfessor Marius Usher
Psychology, Tel Aviv University
18 Dec 2013 Breakthrough Percepts - Subliminal Salience Search, Brain Computer Interaction and Deception Detection on the Fringe of AwarenessHoward Bowman
School of Computing, University of Kent and School of Psychology, University of Birmingham
04 Dec 2013 A direct link between primary visual cortex functioning and iconic memory capacityIlja Sligte
Visual Experience Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham

Programme for 2012-2013

13 May 2013 Understanding cortical folding, and implications for functional localisationAlan Colchester
27 Mar 2013 Bridging Art & Science: Little pictures and bigger onesPhilip Barnard
Wayne McGregor Random Dance and MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
20 Mar 2013 How the fine spatio-temporal structure of the odour plume may help bees to recognize odor objectsThomas Nowotny
University of Sussex
13 Mar 2013 Using Bayes to get the most out of null resultsProfessor Zoltan Dienes
Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex
05 Dec 2012 Consciousness, mental glue, innovative thinking and the prefrontal parietal network.Daniel Bor
Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex
07 Nov 2012 Criticality and brain dynamics, can physics help understand the brain?Dr Paul Expert and Prof Federico Turkheimer
Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences, King's College, London
24 Oct 2012 Unveiling the mechanism of value integration and preference formationKonstantinos Tsetsos
University of Oxford

Programme for 2011-2012

30 May 2012 The Mind is Flat: The illusion of depth in minds, markets and moralityNick Chater
Behavioural Science Group, Warwick Business School
04 Apr 2012 Attention and consciousness level differentially modulate brain signatures of automatic and volitional processesTristan Bekenschtein
MRC-Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge
07 Mar 2012 Probabilistic Modelling, Machine Learning and the Information RevolutionZoubin Ghahramani
University of Cambridge
22 Feb 2012 Permutation testing and the analysis of brain imaging dataProfessor Mick Brammer
Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College
08 Feb 2012 When are two brainwaves different? Statistical inference in electrophysiological neuroscience using Monte Carlo resampling.Professor Howard Bowman
School of Computing, University of Kent
18 Jan 2012 The structure of the central executive: Computational and empirical explorationsRick Cooper
Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London
07 Dec 2011 Searchlight Representational Similarity Analysis of Complex Morpholexical ProcessesDr Su Li
Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge
07 Dec 2011 Prospective memory deficits along the schizophrenia spectrum disordersProfessor Raymond Chan
03 Nov 2011 Sacrificing "What" for "When", Trade-offs and Acuity Loss in Conscious Perception at Visual OverloadHoward Bowman
University of Kent
02 Nov 2011 Ongoing Brain States Predict Conscious Access: A Discussion of Evidence using EEG and the Attentional BlinkHannah L. Pincham & Dénes Szücs
University of Cambridge

Programme for 2010-2011

13 Jun 2011 Neural-Symbolic Systems for Cognitive Reasoning [Jointly with Computational Intelligence]Artur d'Avila Garcez
City University London
08 Jun 2011 Surprise induced changes in behaviour and brain dynamicsMarta Garrido
Wellcome Trust Neuroimaging Centre
08 Jun 2011 Electroencephalography in the search for cognition in disorders of consciousnessSrivas Chennu
University of Cambridge
25 May 2011 Investigating methods for brain consciousness analysis [Joint with CBMI]Dr Ling Li
Department of Computing, Imperial College London
30 Mar 2011 Is there a future in architectural modelling of mind?Howard Bowman
CCNCS at Kent and the School of Computing
23 Mar 2011 2D syntax and the productivity issueDr John Slack
Lincoln University
16 Mar 2011 Multivariate Pattern Analysis in Neuroimaging: fMRI, EEG and MEG [Joint with CBMI]Dr Li Su
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge
09 Mar 2011 Decision by Sampling [Joint with Reasoning Group]Prof Neil Stewart
Warwick University
19 Feb 2011 A Probabilistic Approach to the Psychology of Conditional Reasoning [Joint with Reasoning Group]Prof Mike Oaksford
Birkbeck College, University of London

Programme for 2009-2010

07 Apr 2010 Psychological Imaging: Investigating Memory with Event-Related PotentialsProf David Donaldson
University of Stirling
24 Mar 2010 Computational and brain processes underlying social thinking and stereotype formationDr Robin Murphy
Univeristy of Oxford
10 Mar 2010 Use of eye-tracking in psychological science: A general introductionDr Fabrice Cauchard
School of Psychology, University of Kent
24 Feb 2010 An introduction to receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and their use in memory researchKristina Dietz
School of Psychology and School of Computing, University of Kent
27 Jan 2010 A unitary signal-detection model of implicit and explicit memoryDr Chris Berry
01 Dec 2009 Dynamic Cognitive Modelling of Syntactic ParsingDr Peter beim Graben
University of Reading
18 Nov 2009 All-or-none conscious perception and the Attentional BlinkSrivas Chennu
University of Kent
04 Nov 2009 The role of animacy in anomalous sentencesDr Julie-Ann Marshall
Canterbury Christ Church University
21 Oct 2009 Associative-Learning and the Emotional Stroop Test: The effects from study-test manipulationsSharon Money
School of Psychology, University of Kent

Programme for 2008-2009

10 Jun 2009 Modulation of Emotion: A Computational and Real-time Functional MRI ApproachDr Li Su
08 Apr 2009 Do familiarity and recollection originate from the same memory trace? A computational memory modelDr Andrea Greve
University of Cardiff
25 Mar 2009 Immediate Priming and Cognitive AftereffectsDr David Huber
University of California, San Diego
11 Mar 2009 Interactive Misalignment: Repair-driven Co-ordination in Dialogue.Patrick Healey
11 Feb 2009 Project MORIARTY: Applying dual process models of cognition in addictions research, theory and practiceDr Antony Moss
St George's, University of London
28 Jan 2009 A Tissue Segmentation Method for Quantitative Analysis of Pathological Changes in the BrainDr Ali Hojjat
Univeristy of Kent
03 Dec 2008 Online processing of negationDr Heather Ferguson
University of London
19 Nov 2008 Functional MRI in Neuropsychiatric Research: A Study Exploring Social Perception in Asperger's Syndrome.Dr Emma Lawrence
Institute of Psychiatry

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