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Consciousness, mental glue, innovative thinking and the prefrontal parietal network.

Speaker: Daniel Bor
Date/Time: Wednesday 5 December 2012, 4.15pm
Location: Computing COLT3


Consciousness was for many years considered a taboo topic for science to study. However, the last two decades has seen considerable progress in the field, and a broad consensus has arisen on some key consciousness details both in terms of neurophysiology and psychology. This talk will describe some of this progress. First I will discuss the boundaries between conscious and unconscious cognition. I will then outline the main neural correlates of consciousness, and prominent current theories that have arisen out of this. I will then describe how related cognitive fields, such as attention and working memory, map onto and further inform explicit consciousness research. I will finally describe my own theory of consciousness, based on my fMRI studies exploring strategic thinking and chunking. If there's time at the end, I will also mention a study related to my theory, where we are using cognitive training to turn normal subjects into synaesthetes.

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