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Use of eye-tracking in psychological science: A general introduction

Speaker: Dr Fabrice Cauchard
Date/Time: Wednesday 10 March 2010, 4.15pm
Location: SB110B, Computing Laboratory, Cornwallis


Eye-tracking can be used to tackle an impressive variety of research issues in psychological science. This technique has been of great value in understanding how we read texts, perceive visual scenes, and perform visual searches. In this talk I provide a brief overview of (a) the fundamental characteristics of the human visual system, (b) existing eye-tracking equipment, (c) the general principles of eye movement data analysis, and (d) the existing research fields using this technique. To conclude I present a recent paradigm - the visual world paradigm (Tanenhaus, et al. 1995) - that has been used mostly to study language processing over the last fifteen years. I argue that this paradigm may be used to tackle a variety of research questions outside the domain of language processing per se.

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