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Psychological Imaging: Investigating Memory with Event-Related Potentials

Speaker: Prof David Donaldson
Date/Time: Wednesday 7 April 2010, 4.15pm
Location: KLT4, School of Psychology


This seminar will present the results of recent neuroimaging research that has used Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) to investigate human episodic memory. The talk will focus on a class of ERP old/new effects recorded during recognition memory, which provide neural markers of memory retrieval processes. Data will be presented from research on recognition memory for faces, providing results that do not fit with the typical findings reported within the old/new literature. These potentially controversial findings will be discussed within the broad context of what is currently known about memory, a view that is based largely on traditional behavioral and neuropsychological findings. Finally, an alternative view will be presented, based on the insight provided by neuroimaging research, providing an alternative way of characterizing human memory.

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