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Investigating methods for brain consciousness analysis [Joint with CBMI]

Speaker: Dr Ling Li
Date/Time: Wednesday 25 May 2011, 4.15pm
Location: SW101 (Brian Spratt Room) in Computing


The nature of consciousness has been a mystery of the universe. It has brought the attention of scientists from all disciplines such as psychology, physical sciences, and computer science to study the brain consciousness. This talk focuses on how the signal processing and data analysis methodologies can be applied into the brain consciousness analysis in the data fusion framework. In our analysis, brain activities are measured through Electroencephalography (EEG) signals which were obtained from intensive care unit in hospital. In order to identify the brain consciousness states of those patients (e.g. coma), various signal processing and predictive analytics methods were used. In this talk, some advanced methods are presented which overcomes the weakness of traditional methods in both time and frequency domains for EEG analysis. Moreover, an online signal nature tracking method based on collaborative adaptive filter is also presented in order to monitoring the brain states in real time. We then discuss how these methodologies can be further extended as a general framework for studying human biological functions and performances, ranging from hand gesture recognition to sport science.

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