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Research degrees (MSc and PhD)

The School offers supervision for full-time or part-time research degrees at MSc and PhD level in any of the following areas. Applicants should send an outline of the research they propose to pursue with their application form.

  • Cognitive psychology/neuropsychology: visual cognition; memory; clinical neuropsychology; language; human-computer interaction.
  • Developmental psychology: cultural ideas regarding development; children's conversational skills; discourse and conversation analysis; recognition memory processes in children; development of prejudice and stereotyping; children's social identity; children with learning disabilities.
  • Forensic psychology: police procedures; legal decision making; eye-witness testimony
  • Group processes and intergroup relations: social identity and self-categorisation; small group performance; group decisions; intergroup relations; stereotyping; prejudice; discrimination; inequality; collective behaviour.
  • Social psychology: group processes; intergroup relations; prejudice; attributional style; attitude change and persuasion; personality and individual differences.

We offer the following research degrees:

MSc by research is one year full-time or two years part-time
PhD is three years full-time or five years part-time

Research degrees are based on a research project and do not involve coursework; however, research students who have not already passed a suitable advanced statistics course will be required to take our Advanced Statistics and Methodology module in their first year.

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