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Dr Mario Weick

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


Research interests

I study the impact of social and situational factors on people’s perceptions, judgments, and actions. Most of my work has focused on the role of social and economic status and power. In brief, I look at how people differ in their perceptions, in the way they make judgments, and in their actions depending on their standing in social hierarchies and their access to resources. This research cuts across different domains and often combines social and organisational psychology with cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience/psychophysiology. This diversity is also reflected in the research techniques I employ, which range from observations of group interactions to physiological assessment.

In addition to the more basic research, I have an applied interest in behavioural decision-making and risk perceptions. I work with industry partners in this area with the ultimate aim to make knowledge accumulated in behavioural science more accessible to users. This also turns out to be extremely useful for identifying gaps in our knowledge where research still has some catching up to do!

I teach research methods and statistics, as well as selected topics in social psychology. I also lead the final year option Attitudes and Social Cognition (SP612), which I recommend to students who are interested to gain a more in-depth knowledge in social and/or cognitive psychology. The module supports the Wikipedia initiative of the Association for Psychological Science. Outside the School, I frequently contribute to professional and graduate training initiatives and I am a founder and coordinator of the UK Social Cognition Network, which seeks to support the training, mobility, and networking opportunities of early career scientists.

Please contact me if you are interested in our immersive virtual reality suite or our psychophysiology laboratory. I welcome students enrolled in one of our social, cognitive, or forensic programmes wishing to undertake research that overlaps with one of my lines of interest.

Key publications

  • Strelan, P., Weick, M., & Vasiljevic, M. (2013). Power and revenge. British Journal of Social Psychology.
  • Guinote, A., Weick, M., & Cai, A. (2012). Does power magnify the expression of dispositions? Psychological Science, 23, 475-482.
  • Weick, M., & Guinote, A. (2010). How long will it take? Power biases time predictions. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 46, 595-604.
  • Weick, M., & Guinote, A. (2008). When subjective experiences matter: Power increases reliance on the Ease of Retrieval. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 94, 956-970.





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