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Louisa Salhi

Postgraduate Researcher


Research interests

My research investigates factors that can enhance learning, more specifically how factors like reward, feedback and confidence affect learning of novel information during a retrieval attempt. I am interested in how this varies over age and if certain factors are more or less effective over age groups.

Over the course of my PhD I will be using a combination of behavioural and cognitive neuroscience techniques (such as EEG) to investigate this topic more specifically. Some questions that I will be addressing are:

  • How does testing affect learning, updating or interference of novel information? Does feedback and confidence affect the rate of learning? Does this vary over age? How does this vary in educational learning settings? What processes are involved?
  • How does reward interact/ modulate learning in different age groups? Is there a shift between the effect of external and internal rewards within different age groups?
  • How does the involvement of self-initiated strategy use in learning affect memory retrieval processes? Does this vary over age groups? Can effective strategies be self-initiated more?

Thesis title

Factors that affect learning during retrieval over age



University of Kent Studentship

Research grants

- Public Engagement Fund (2017, £900)


Frey, A. L., Malinowska, L., Harley, K., Salhi, L., Iqbal, S., Sharma, S., & McCabe, C. (2015). Investigating subtypes of reward processing deficits as trait markers for depression. Translational Developmental Psychiatry, 3.



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