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Aino Petterson

Postgraduate Researcher

Aino Petterson


Research Interests

  • Gender, Sexism & Discrimination
  • Political ideology
  • Moral Reasoning

My research interests are mainly in the field of social psychology, specifically, political ideology and intergroup relations. I am especially interested in different factors that influence people's attitudes to reproductive medicine and decision-making.

I am currently examining how sexist ideology, particularly hostile sexism, is related to the acceptance and support of men’s control in various domains including reproductive health decisions.

Thesis Title

Attitudes to gene editing and reproductive medicine


Funding and grants

(2016) Graduate Teaching Scholarship (GTA), School of Psychology, University of Kent


Petterson, A., & Sutton, R. (in press). Sexist Ideology and Endorsement of Men's Control over Women's Decisions in Reproductive Health. Psychology Of Women Quarterly.


  • Else Frenkel-Brunswik Prize (2017) for the highest mark in the Political Psychology MSc
  • Janet Miele Prize (2016) for the best undergraduate final year project in Psychology
  • Social Sciences Faculty Prize (2016) for best results in the Faculty of Social Sciences


School of Psychology - Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP

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