School of Psychology

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Members of the School

Head of School
Professor Georgina Randsley de Moura
(01227 82) 7226 Email 
Deputy Head of School
Professor Theresa Gannon
(01227 82) 4827 Email 
Deputy Head of School
Professor David Wilkinson
(01227 82) 4772 Email 
School Administration Manager
Lizanne Allcock
(01227 82) 7285 Email 

Academic staff

Dr Kirsten Abbot-SmithSenior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology3016
Professor Dominic AbramsProfessor of Social Psychology7475
Dr Emma AlleyneSenior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology4237
Dr Zara BergstromSenior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology7507
Dr Markus BindemannSenior Lecturer in Psychology3087
Dr Janet BriggsSenior Lecturer in Psychology3542
Dr Anna BrownSenior Lecturer in Psychological Methods and Statistics3097
Dr Lindsey CameronSenior Lecturer in Psychology7873
Dr Aleksandra CichockaSenior Lecturer in Political Psychology7878
Dr Kristof DhontLecturer in Psychology16018
Professor Karen DouglasProfessor of Social Psychology4758
Dr Libby DruryLecturer in Psychology16551
Dr Heather FergusonReader in Psychology7120
Dr Mike ForresterReader in Psychology3489
Dr Matt FyshLecturer in Psychology (Teaching and Scholarship)7374
Professor Theresa GannonProfessor of Forensic Psychology4827
Professor Roger Giner-SorollaProfessor of Social Psychology3085
Dr Tim HopthrowSenior Lecturer in Psychology3951
Dr Mark JamesLecturer in Forensic Psychology3382
Dr Amir-Homayoun JavadiLecturer in Cognitive Psychology7770
Dr Lydia KearneyLecturer in Cognitive Psychology6581
Dr David KellyLecturer in Developmental Psychology3170
Stefan LeachLecturer in Social Psychology7998
Dr Erika NurmsooLecturer in Psychology4381
Dr Caoilte O CiardhaLecturer in Forensic Psychology3923
Dr Afroditi PinaSenior Lecturer in Psychology3781
Dr Marta PonariLecturer in Cognitive Psychology7411
Professor Georgina Randsley de MouraProfessor of Social Psychology and Head of School7226
Dr Andrew RussLecturer in Cognitive Psychology (Teaching and Scholarship)16449
Dr John SaboLecturer in Psychology (Social)7347
Dr Dinkar SharmaReader in Psychology3084
Dr Laura SmithLecturer in Psychology (Cognitive)16702
Professor Joachim StoeberProfessor of Psychology4196
Professor Robbie SuttonProfessor of Social Psychology3939
Dr Giovanni TravaglinoLecturer in Social & Organisational Psychology16231
Dr Miriam TreshLecturer in Cognitive Psychology16664
Dr Nichola TylerLecturer in Psychology (Clinical Focused)7370
Dr Julia UlberLecturer in Developmental Psychology16662
Professor Ayse UskulProfessor of Social Psychology4071
Dr Eduardo VasquezLecturer in Forensic Psychology7611
Dr Mario WeickSenior Lecturer in Psychology4253
Professor David WilkinsonProfessor of Psychology4772
Professor David WilliamsProfessor of Developmental Psychology7652
Dr Arnaud WismanLecturer in Psychology3096
Dr Jane WoodReader in Forensic Psychology3037



School of Psychology - Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP

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