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Dr Kristof Dhont



Selected Publications

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Kteily, N., Hodson, G., Dhont, K., & Ho, A. (2019). Predisposed to Prejudice but Responsive to Intergroup Contact? Testing the Unique Benefits of Intergroup Contact Across Different Types of Individual Differences. Group Processes And Intergroup Relations, 22, 3-25. doi:10.1177/1368430217716750
Leite, A., Dhont, K., & Hodson, G. (2019). Longitudinal Effects of Human Supremacy Beliefs and Vegetarianism Threat on Moral Exclusion (vs. Inclusion) of Animals. European Journal Of Social Psychology, 49, 179-189. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2497
Van Assche, J., Van Hiel, A., Dhont, K., & Roets, A. (2019). Broadening the individual differences lens on party support and voting behavior: Cynicism and prejudice as relevant attitudes referring to modern-day political alignments. European Journal Of Social Psychology, 49, 190-199. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2377
Van Assche, J., Dhont, K., Van Hiel, A., & Roets, A. (2018). Ethnic diversity and support for populist parties: The "right" road through political cynicism and lack of trust. Social Psychology, 49, 182-189. doi:10.1027/1864-9335/a000340.
Peitz, L., Dhont, K., & Seyd, B. (2018). The Psychology of Supranationalism: Its Ideological Correlates and Implications for EU Attitudes and post-Brexit Preferences. Political Psychology, 39, 1305-1322. doi:10.1111/pops.12542
Van Assche, J., Asbrock, F., Dhont, K., & Roets, A. (2018). The Diversity Challenge for High and Low Authoritarians: Multilevel and Longitudinal Effects through Intergroup Contact and Threat. Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, 44, 1163-1179. doi:10.1177/0146167218764653
Makwana, A., Dhont, K., De keersmaecker, J., Akhlagi-Ghaffarokh, P., Masure, M., & Roets, A. (2018). The motivated cognitive basis of transphobia: The role of right-wing ideologies and gender role beliefs. Sex Roles, 79, 206-217. doi:10.1007/s11199-017-0860-x
Garcia-Sancho, E., Dhont, K., Salguero, J., & Fernandez-Berrocal, P. (2017). The personality basis of aggression: The mediating role of anger and the moderating role of emotional intelligence. Scandinavian Journal Of Psychology, 58, 333-340. doi:10.1111/sjop.12367
Cichocka, A., Dhont, K., & Makwana, A. (2017). On Self-love and Outgroup Hate: Opposite Effects of Narcissism on Prejudice via Social Dominance Orientation and Right-Wing Authoritarianism. European Journal Of Personality, 31, 366-384. doi:10.1002/per.2114
Reimer, N., Becker, J., Benz, A., Christ, O., Dhont, K., Klocke, U., et al. (2017). Intergroup contact and social change: Implications of negative and positive contact for collective action in advantaged and disadvantaged groups. Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, 43, 121-136. doi:10.1177/0146167216676478
De keersmaecker, J., Roets, A., Dhont, K., Van Assche, J., Onraet, E., & Van Hiel, A. (2017). Need for closure and perceived threat as bases of right-wing authoritarianism: A longitudinal moderation approach. Social Cognition, 35, 433-449. doi:10.1521/soco.2017.35.4.433
Van Assche, J., Roets, A., Dhont, K., & Van Hiel, A. (2016). The association between actual and perceived ethnic diversity: The moderating role of authoritarianism and implications for outgroup threat, anxiety, and mistrust. European Journal Of Social Psychology, 46, 807-817. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2211
Dhont, K., Hodson, G., & Leite, A. (2016). Common Ideological Roots of Speciesism and Generalized Ethnic Prejudice: The Social Dominance Human–Animal Relations Model (SD-HARM). European Journal Of Personality, 30, 507-522. doi:10.1002/per.2069
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Hodson, G., & Dhont, K. (2015). The person-based nature of prejudice: Individual difference predictors of intergroup negativity. European Review Of Social Psychology, 26, 1-42. doi:10.1080/10463283.2015.1070018
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Onraet, E., Dhont, K., & Van Hiel, A. (2014). The relationships between internal and external threat and right-wing attitudes: A three-wave longitudinal study. Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, 40, 715-725. doi:10.1177/0146167214524256
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Demanet, J., Dhont, K., Notebaert, L., Pattyn, S., & Vandierendonck, A. (2007). Pixelating Familiar People in the Media: Should Masking Be Taken at Face Value? Psychologica Belgica, 47, 261-276. doi:10.5334/pb-47-4-261
Book section
Cichocka, A., & Dhont, K. (2018). The personality bases of political ideology and behavior. In V. Zeigler-Hill & Shackelford, T. (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences (pp. 323-352). SAGE.
Earle, M., Hodson, G., Dhont, K., & MacInnis, C. (2019). Eating with our eyes (closed): Effects of visually associating animals with meat on anti-vegan/vegetarian attitudes and meat consumption willingness. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.
Van Assche, J., Dhont, K., & Pettigrew, T. (2019). The Social-Psychological Bases of Far-Right Support in Europe and the United States. Journal Of Community & Applied Social Psychology. doi:10.1002/casp.2407
Meleady, R., Crisp, R., Dhont, K., Hopthrow, T., & Turner, R. (2019). Intergroup Contact, Social Dominance and Environmental Concern: A Test of the Cognitive-Liberalization Hypothesis. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology.
Van Assche, J., Roets, A., Van Hiel, A., & Dhont, K. (2019). Diverse Reactions to Ethnic Diversity: The Role of Individual Differences in Authoritarianism. Current Directions In Psychological Science.
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