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Dr Lindsey Cameron

Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Director of Education
Quality Assurance Co-ordinator (autumn term)

Dr Lindsey Cameron


Research interests

My area of research is social developmental psychology.  I am interested in how children become ‘social beings’: how do children develop the social knowledge and skills that we have as adults take for granted?  Specifically, I am interested in how inter-group processes develop throughout childhood. My research interests are as follows:

  • The development of inter-group attitudes in children and the role of social norms, self-presentation, cognitive development and in-group identification in determining these attitudes
  • The development of school-based interventions to change children’s inter-group attitudes
  • Inter-group contact (direct and indirect) and novel interventions based on this approach
  • Measuring the impact of intercultural education interventions on attitudes, stereotypes, cultural awareness and knowledge
  • Acculturation in childhood
  • The experience of prejudice and discrimination, and its consequences for social development


Charities and diversity education organisations across Europe, including:

Key publications

  • Abrams, D., Pelletier, J., Van de Vyer, J., Cameron, L., & Lee, E. (2015). Children’s prosocial behavioural intentions toward outgroup members: The effects of intergroup competition, empathy and social perspective taking. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Early. doi:10.1111/bjdp.12085
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  • Palmer, S., Rutland, A., & Cameron, L. (2015). The development of bystander intentions and social-moral reasoning about intergroup verbal aggression. British Journal of Developmental Psychology.
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  • Stathi, S., Cameron, L., Hartley, B., & Bradford, S. (2014). Imagined contact as a prejudice‐reduction intervention in schools: The underlying role of similarity and attitudes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 44, 536-546. doi:10.1111/jasp.12245
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  • Abrams, D., Palmer, S. B., Rutland, A., Cameron, L., & Van de Vyver, J. (2014). Evaluations of and reasoning about normative and deviant ingroup and outgroup members: Development of the black sheep effect. Developmental Psychology, 50, 258-270. doi:10.1037/a0032461
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  • Abbott, N., & Cameron, L. (2014). What makes a young assertive bystander? The effect of intergroup contact, empathy, cultural openness, and in-Group bias on assertive bystander intervention intentions. Journal of Social Issues, 70,167-182. doi:10.1111/josi.12053


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