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Dr Lindsey Cameron

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and
Director of Graduate Studies (Taught)

Dr Lindsey Cameron


April 2014-present

A literature review and scoping study on the impact of gender on children's lives (PI)
The Office of the Children's Commissioner
Pina, A., Calogero, R. & Sutton, R.
Contribution: 50%


Jan 2014-present

Growing up with diversity. (PI)
British Psychological Society Research Seminars Competition
Leman, P., Verthanayagam, S. & Lam, V.
Contribution: 60%


Sept 2013-Aug 2014

Generating research income and building impact through collaboration (PI)
School of Psychology Seed Fund
Contribution: 100%


March 2013- Nov 2014

Strategic colourblindness in children: Responding to a 'revise and resubmit' (PI)
Social Science Faculty Research grant
Abbott, N. (PhD student)
Contribution: 100%


June 2015-May 2016

Children and adolescents' experience of bullying and online bullying (PI, 75%)
Social Science Faculty Research grant.
Collaborator: Ania Bobrowicz, School of Engineering and Digital Arts


March-June 2010

Cameron, L.
Kent County Council (via World Education Development Group)
Making friends



World Education Development Group & Cameron, L.
Department for International Development
"My Dad says..."



Cameron, L.
University of Kent Faculty of Social Sciences
Evaluating an "imaginary inter-group contact" intervention in nurseries in Sandwell


September 2008
- June 2011

Race Equality Sandwell & Cameron, L.
Big Lottery Research Programme
Tackling racism amongst adolescents: A route to greater well-being and cohesion



Cameron, L. & Stathi, S.
British Academy
Imaginary contact: Developing and evaluating a new prejudice-reduction intervention for schools



Race Equality Sandwell & Cameron, L.
Harborne Parish Lands
Tackling attitudes in Early Years



Cameron, L. & Stathi, S.
University of Kent Faculty of Social Sciences
Imaginary intergroup contact in children



World Education Development Group & Cameron, L. (researcher)
Big Lottery Fund
Attitude is everything



Cameron, L., Rutland, A., & Hossain, R.
British Academy
Changing children’s attitudes towards stigmatized groups: Testing different models of Extended Contact



Rutland, A., Brown, R. J., & Cameron, L.
Economic and Social Research Council
Evaluating interventions to reduce children’s prejudice towards immigrants



Cameron, L. & Turner, R.
Race Equality Sandwell
Helping dual heritage children reach their potential: Possible difficulties and defences against them



Rutland A. & Cameron, L.
British Broadcasting Corporation
Intergroup contact and ethnic identity: A national study of 4-5 year old children




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