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Dr Lizzie Bradford

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Dr Lizzie Bradford


I completed my BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Kent in 2009, an MSc in Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology at the University of St Andrews in 2011, and finally a PhD (Theory of Mind and Executive Functions) at the University of St Andrews in 2016. I joined the School of Psychology at the University of Kent as a postdoctoral research associate in 2016, working on a 5-year European Research Council project exploring the cognitive basis of social communication across the lifespan (CogSoCoAGE Project).

Research interests

My primary research interest is based in Cognitive Psychology. I am particularly interested in social cognition abilities, otherwise known as Theory of Mind (ToM), referring to the ability to attribute mental states to both oneself and other people. I explore how ToM abilities are recruited and employed in typically developed individuals and individuals with autistic spectrum disorders, as well examining factors that may underlie deficits in ToM abilities (e.g., executive functions), and the influence other factors (such as health-behaviours, autistic traits, and social-demographic information) may have on successful engagement of social cognition capacities.

I use a variety of different research techniques, including behavioural measures (e.g., response times/error rates), eye-tracking, and electrophysiological measures (EEG/ERPs).

Key publications

  • Bradford, E., Hukker, V., Smith, L., & Ferguson, H. (2018). Belief-Attribution in Adults with and without Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Autism Research11, 1542-1553. doi:10.1002/aur.2032
  • Bradford, E., Jentzsch, I., Gomez, J., Chen, Y., Zhang, D., & Su, Y. (2018). Cross-Cultural Differences in Adult Theory of Mind Abilities: A Comparison of Native-English Speakers and Native-Chinese Speakers on the Self/Other Differentiation Task. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. doi:10.1177/1747021818757170
  • Ferguson, H., Brunsdon, V., & Bradford, E. (2018). Age of avatar modulates the altercentric bias in a visual perspective-taking task: ERP and behavioural evidence. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 2018. doi:10.3758/s13415-018-0641-1
  • Bradford, E., Jentzsch, I., & Gomez, J. (2015). From Self to Social Cognition: Theory of Mind Mechanisms and their Relation to Executive Functioning. Cognition138, 21-34. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2015.02.001

School of Psychology - Keynes College, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NP

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