Dr Laura Smith is a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology. After obtaining a PhD from the University of Kent in 2017, Laura held research positions at the University of Bath and the University of Nottingham before returning to Kent in January 2021.  

Research interests

Dr Smith’s main research interest is in understanding the psychological and biological bases of human cognition with a view to developing more effective therapies for individuals with neurological disorders. Laura’s research uses a variety of approaches including non-invasive brain stimulation, electrophysiological recordings of brain activity, behavioural assessments and cognitive interventions.



Ménière’s Society (PI)
‘Assessment and Management of Psychological Symptoms in Vestibular Disorders’
HSS COVID-19 Recovery Research Fund (PI)
'Understanding the Impact of Hidden Neurological Symptoms’
March 2022 Future Human Public Engagement and Involvement in Research Fund (PI)
'Making Psychology Research Matter: The Importance of our Community'

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