Dr Ayten Bilgin

Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Ayten Bilgin


Dr Ayten Bilgin completed her BSc in Psychology at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) in 2010 followed by her MA in Developmental Psychology at Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) and her MSc in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health at University of Sussex in 2013. Afterwards, she completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Warwick in 2017. She joined the School of Psychology at University of Kent as a Lecturer in Developmental Psychology in 2020.

Research interests

Ayten’s main research is in the area of developmental psychopathology with a particular focus on infant regulatory problems (excessive crying, sleeping and feeding problems), preterm birth (i.e., birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy), mother-infant attachment, and parenting. 

Ayten uses large-scale longitudinal data to investigate whether and how infant regulatory problems have an impact on the development of mental health problems. In addition, she is interested in understanding the long-term outcomes of being born preterm, specifically regarding social relationship skills, well-being, emotional problems and inattention/hyperactivity. Moreover, she investigates parenting and mother-infant attachment in the context of infant crying, sleeping and feeding problems and preterm birth.


Key Publications

  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2020). Parental use of ‘“cry it out” in infants: No adverse effects on attachment and behavioural development at 18 months. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, Epub ahead of print. doi: 10.1111/jcpp.13223
  • Bilgin, A., Baumann, N., Jaekel, J., Breeman, L. D., Bartmann, P., Bäuml, J., Avram, M., Sorg, C., & Wolke, D. (2020). Early crying, sleeping and feeding problems and trajectories of attention problems from childhood to adulthood. Child Development, 91, e77-e91.
  • Winsper, C., Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2020). Associations between infant and toddler regulatory problems, childhood co-developing internalizing and externalizing trajectories, and adolescent depression, psychotic and borderline personality disorder symptoms. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 61, 182-194. doi: 10.1111/jcpp.13125.
  • Mendonca, M., Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2019). Association of preterm birth and low birth weight with romantic partnership, sexual intercourse, and parenthood in adulthood: A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA Network Open, 2, e196961-e196961.
  • Bilgin, A., Mendonca, M., & Wolke, D. (2018). Preterm birth/low birth weight and markers reflective of wealth in adulthood: A meta-analysis. Pediatrics, 142, e20173625.
  • Wolke, D., Bilgin, A., & Samara, M. (2017). Systematic review and meta-analysis: Fussing and crying durations and colic prevalence in infants. The Journal of Pediatrics, 185, 55-61.
  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2015). Maternal sensitivity in parenting preterm children: A meta-analysis. Pediatrics, 136, 177-193.

Conference or workshop item

  • Brylka, A., Bilgin, A., Wolke, D., Trower, H., Baumann, N., & Lemola, S. (2019). Self-esteem and well-being in preterm born adolescents: An individual participant data meta-analysis. 3rd Congress of Joint European Neonantal Societies (jENS). Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2019). Infant crying and sleeping problems, sensitive parenting and attachment at 18 months. Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • Bilgin, A., Baumann, N., & Wolke, D. (2018). Infant/toddler crying, sleeping, and feeding problems and trajectories of attention problems across adulthood. 16th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). Rome, Italy.
  • Bilgin, A., Mendonca, M., & Wolke, D. (2018). Preterm birth/Low birth weight and adulthood wealth: A meta-analysis, Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting (PAS). Toronto, Canada.
  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2017). Early crying & sleeping problems and attachment at 18 months. 13th Infant Cry Workshop. Rovereto, Italy.
  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2016). Prematurity, parenting and multiple regulatory problems: Associations to emotion regulation and hyperactivity/attention problems at 18 months. 15th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). Prague, Czech Republic.
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