Portrait of Lazaros Gonidis

Lazaros Gonidis

Lecturer in Psychological Methods and Statistics
Director of Stage 1


Lazaros is Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience (Teaching and Scholarship). His research interests are concerned with non-substance addictions and time perception and virtual reality and its effects on perception.

Research interests

Non-substance addictions and time perception

Lazaros is interested in investigating the effects of attention, arousal, and memory load in how non-substance addiction affects our time perception. Specifically he is interested in Facebook/Internet addiction, Computer Games addiction, and Gambling addiction. He is also interested in similar effects that computer games could have.

Virtual reality and its effects on perception

Lazaros is interested in the effects that Virtual Reality immersion has on our time perception, perception of what is real, and decision making. Furthermore, whether immersion in artificial environments can affect our well-being and human-to-human interactions. 


Convenor and Lecturer

  • SP604 Biological Psychology
  • SP827 Current Issues in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology


  • SP300 Psychology Statistics and Practical
  • SP301 Introduction to Biological and General Psychology
  • SP304 Introduction to Psychology
  • SP857 Organisational Psychology: Methods and Statistics



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  • Weger, U. W., Loughnan, S., Sharma, D., & Gonidis, L. (2015). Virtually compliant: Immersive video gaming increases conformity to false computer judgments. Psychonomic bulletin & review, 22(4), 1111-1116.


  • Gonidis, L., & Sharma, D. (2017). The Effects of Gambling Related Stimuli on Time Perception in Gamblers and Non-Gamblers. Poster presented at: International Conference on Timing and Time Perception.
  • Gonidis, L., & Sharma, D.  (2017). Emotional Content Rather than Familiarity Could be the Reason behind Distorted Time Perception in Addiction. Poster presented at: International Conference on Timing and Time Perception.
  • Gonidis, L., Sharma, D., & Brooks, J. L. (2016). The Effects of Memory Load on Time Perception of Facebook and Internet Related Stimuli. Poster Presentation at: International Conference on Memory.
  • Gonidis, L., & Sharma, D. (2015). Internet Addiction and Time Perception. Talk given at: Conference in Emerging Methods in Addiction

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