Clara De Inocencio Laporta

Postgraduate Researcher


Clara De Inocencio Laporta graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University Autónoma of Madrid in 2013, with a one-year Erasmus exchange at the University of Angers (France). She gained a Master's degree in Social Psychology at the Vrije University of Amsterdam and completed her dissertation on conspiracy and supernatural beliefs in 2015. 

Clara joined the School of Psychology at the University of Kent in 2016 where she is currently a PhD student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Since 2016, Clara has developed her primary research focus on career calling, which is the main topic of her PhD.

Thesis title

Toward a comprehensive theory of career callings

Research interests

Clara De Inocencio Laporta's research focuses on career calling, with a specific focus on the causes and consequences of calling in university students.  She is fascinated by the notion of career calling, or “sense of calling” in the career domain. 

The aim of her PhD is to answer the following questions: What makes some people regard their careers as fulfilling, the key to their identity, and a source of meaning and purpose, while others view theirs as mere means to an income? What are the effects of different career approaches on people’s lives?

In a nutshell, her research tackles the social, behavioural and cognitive determinants of career callings, as well as their life-, health- and work-related consequences on both student and employee populations.


  • SP500 Psychology Statistics and Practical
  • SP311 Business Psychology




Vice-Chancellor's Research Scholarship (GTA)

Publications and conference presentations

  • Van Prooijen, J.W., Douglas, K. & De Inocencio, C. Connecting the Dots: Illusory Pattern Perception Predicts Belief in Conspiracies and the Supernatural. Manuscript submitted for publication.
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