Portrait of Phatthanakit (Bryan) Chobthamkit

Phatthanakit (Bryan) Chobthamkit

Postgraduate Researcher


Phatthanakit's thesis title is Cultural perspectives on just world beliefs, which is subject to change.

Research interests

Phatthanakit's research focuses on social and cross-cultural psychology, specifically focusing on culture, identity, beliefs and well-being.  Within his PhD research, he is studying cultural differences in just world beliefs (e.g. belief in a just world, immanent justice reasoning). There are previous studies examining just world beliefs in Western countries but not much research examining these concepts in some other parts of the world. 

He would like to examine the universality and relativity of just world beliefs specifically highlighting how and why cultural context affect such kind of beliefs. Moreover, causal explanation and well-being are being studied to understand just world beliefs.




Thammasat University

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