Portrait of Bjarki Gronfeldt-Gunnarsson

Bjarki Gronfeldt-Gunnarsson

Postgraduate Researcher
Associate Lecturer


Bjarki is a PhD student researching how collective narcissism affects intra-group processes. Specifically, his PhD focuses on how collective narcissists, individuals that identify strongly but insecurely, with their group, behave within their own groups. 

Thesis title: With friends like that, who needs enemies? Collective narcissism and its intragroup consequences 

Research interests

His broader research interests include partisanship, political behaviour, political ideology, and public opinion. Before joining Kent, Bjarki worked in Icelandic politics, and as a researcher at the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis.  


Conference presentations and posters

  • Gronfeldt, B. (2020, July). Is there a thing such as constructive partisanship? Implications of secure partisanship vs. partisan narcissism for politician’s skills and performance. Paper accepted to the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Political Psychology, virtual meeting due to COVID19.  
  • Gronfeldt, B. (2019, July). They don’t have your good in mind. Adverse outcomes of collective narcissism for political parties. Oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Political Psychology, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Cichocka, A., Cisłak, A., Gronfeldt, B., Maciejewski, A., & Wójcik, A. (2019, February). Collective narcissists exploit their in-group. Poster presented at Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Gronfeldt, B., & Cichocka, A. (2018, March). Adverse outcomes of collective narcissism for political parties. Poster presented at Brexit & The Rise of Populism. Insights from Political and Psychological Sciences, Canterbury, UK.

Funding and grants

  • (2019) Graduate Teaching Scholarship (GTA), University of Kent, School of Psychology
  • (2018) Postgraduate Bursary, University of Kent, School of Psychology
  • (2015) Dean’s List Award (Reykjavik University)
  • (2013) Freshman Grant (Reykjavik University)

External roles

  • Icelandic HE Quality Enhancement Framework. January 2020 – present. Team member in an Institution-wide Review of the University of Iceland.
  • Research Evaluation Advisory Committee of the Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland. October 2020 – present. Member of the board as PhD researcher.

Internal roles

  • Lab Manager of the Political Psychology Lab. September 2020 - present  
  • Associate Lecturers’ Representative in the School of Psychology, University of Kent. September 2020 – present.  
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