Portrait of Dr Alexander Kirchner-Häusler

Dr Alexander Kirchner-Häusler

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Alexander is interested in the many ways that our cultural environment, our social relationships, and our emotions are linked, and particularly in how these three aspects interact dynamically over time to shape our social lives. 

His research so far has especially focused on social interactions of close relationship partners (i.e. romantic couples, mother-daughters) from Western and East-Asian cultures (i.e. Belgium and Japan), and has explored the important role that our emotions play for having fulfilled relationships in different cultural contexts. 

Research interests

In Alexander's current research he is working with Professor Ayse Uskul to explore the role of honour as a core cultural value in interpersonal behaviours (e.g. coordination, negotiation) and social relationships.  


Grants and Awards

2020International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology 
Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award 
$500, one year membership in IACCP, free registration at the next IACCP biennial Congress, and partial airfare to the Congress. 
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